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Burn up Your Taste with Popping Beads and Enjoy Deliciousness

Oct 30, 2023

Burn up Your Taste with Popping Beads and Enjoy Deliciousness

Greenfresh topping application solution

Popping beads as a one of the topping application, which has been paid attention to and supported by a large number of consumer groups. The latest heat-resistant topping application series developed by Greenfresh is popping beads. The outer layer of natural seaweed colloid contains a sweet filling. Each popping bead can withstand heat of 65. It can be inhaled into the mouth with the straw and the hot tea. One sip is super satisfying!

Cheese popping beads: 

full of real ingredients and cheeses fragrant

Product features

Contains 35% real cheese

Real ingredients, full of cheese flavor! Each popping beads filling contains 35% real cheese. It is rich in high-calcium protein, vitamins and other nutrients.

Breaks when you bite it lightly, rich in cheese aroma

Good cheeses flavor release, popping if you take a bite! The joy of bursting juice fills your mouth with cheese flavor.

High temperature resistance, stable quality I can give

It can be baked at high temperatures and is suitable for hot drinks, baking and other products in autumn and winter. This  cheese popping bead is adding to product innovation.

Ready to use after opening, convenient and efficient

Ready to eat when you open, significantly improve efficiency! Make product production easier and more efficient, let you get a convenient application.

Water-chestnut popping beads: crispy and fresh,

let you never forget

Product features

Real material, real crispy

Naturally ripe fresh water chestnuts are selected for the filling, which is crisp, delicious, sweet and juicy.

Great looks, new taste

When you take a sip, it will explode in 1 second. The soft and glutinous liquid gushed out, and you instantly experienced the feeling of joyful explosion on the tip of your tongue.

0 fat, light burden

Natural raw materials and ingredients. Filling content ≥ 60%. The shape of water-chestnut popping beads is plump and round.

High temperature resistance, super convenient

It is ready to eat after opening the bag, no need for time-consuming reprocessing. It is suitable for both hot and cold, the taste is still crisp in hot drinks. Meanwhile, it does not break under high temperature.

Multiple scenes, versatile

It can be eaten directly or used as an auxiliary material to decorate. Also, it can be added to various drinks, desserts, pastries, baking and other delicacies to enhance the flavor and appearance.

Red beans popping beads: eat out the sweetness and longing

Product features

Selected ingredients, high percent of real material

It contains a whole red bean that has been steamed at high temperature and retained its intact form, making it plump, sweet and dense, with a subtle aroma of grains. Multiple rich flavors bloom in the taste buds, making it healthy and nutritious.

Hot drinking partner, convey warmth to you

The appearance is red and warm, the soft and sweet red beans with the warm milk tea are the best way to soothe the stomach in autumn and winter. The red beans are full of aroma, which can regulate basic bodily fluids.

Internet famous topping, super easy to match

This internet topping is recommended by Little Red Book, one of the well-known social media in China. Eat in a variety of ways, feel free to eat as you want. It is suitable for both hot and cold weather, and versatile in all seasons. It can be paired with milk tea, fruit tea, yogurt, desserts, etc. to add spice and chewiness.

High speed production, really easy to use

It is ready to eat after opening the bag, no cooking or processing is required, whether it is home DIY, bar chain, bakery, restaurant, etc.. It can be easily used and innovatively produced.

Grain red beans, reveal acacia

The red beans grow in southern land, They would revive fondmemories.The addition of red bean accessories enriches the taste, there is also a feeling of lovesickness behind it. The atmosphere and passionate sentiment of multiple consumption and drinking scenes.

A wide range of application scenarios for you to choose from! From the perfect companion of hot milk tea in autumn and winter, to the refreshing fruit tea in the hot summer, to home DIY production of your own delicious food...

Greenfresh can provide you with customized solutions for popping beads products, specifying product particle size, flavor and specifications. You can enjoy happy moments and a feast of taste anytime and anywhere.

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