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Taste Greenfresh Jelly & Pudding, Brings your truly Heart-Beating

Nov 03, 2023

Taste Greenfresh Jelly & Pudding,

Brings your truly Heart-Beating

The elastic, soft, and tender jelly pudding, is not carrying your childhood memories? When you open this package, you will be greeted by a flavorful milky or fruity aroma. The smooth taste complements the self-matched jelly partner. Every bite of chewing brings memories and the pleasure of tasting into your heart, letting people release the dopamine that is unique to jelly pudding~

Greenfresh launches the following ready-to-eat jelly pudding solutions for you to enjoy jelly pudding anytime, anywhere!

Ready-to-eat jelly

As the water slowly pours along the wall of the cup, this ready-to-eat jelly powder spreads in and fully blends with the water. It also has a good dispersion performance! So you can enjoy delicious food in time without waiting. When tasting, you can feel the softness and elasticity of the jelly blooming on the tip of your tongue. Pair it with various sauces, fruits, tea companions, etc., and make your DIY jelly to create multiple tastes! Make your jelly journey more interesting and open up a new world of jelly~

Product Features

·Soluble in water            

·Tender texture              

·Good brewing dispersion

Ready-to-eat pudding

The ready-to-eat pudding powder, developed by Greenfresh, can be fully mixed with milk or water. At the same time, it can provide you with a double experience! After adding milk or water, the speed of dissolution is super fast, which can liberate your hands~ Whether it is homemade DIY pudding or direct taste... superposed, unlock diverse new scenes, and a variety of creative new combinations!

Milk pudding

The ready-to-eat pudding powder combined with milk is accompanied by a rich egg aroma, overflowing with milky aroma. When you taste it, it brings you a silky texture and a dense texture that melts in one sip, bringing back wonderful memories.

Water pudding

It contains NON-dairy creamer and egg powder. As the water is slowly poured in, the aroma of milk and eggs will fill your nose, evoking your pudding’s memories from the past to the present. Take a gentle bite, and you will feel the taste is as delicate as soybean pudding, one of the traditional foods from China. Meanwhile, the texture of this water pudding is soft and smooth. With the movement of swallowing, you can share the happiness of the moment.

Product Features

Water pudding powder

·Contains NON-dairy creamer                                              

·Good dispersion, easily soluble in water                              

·Delicate taste, soft and smooth texture, like soybean pudding

Milk pudding powder

·Smooth taste and rich egg flavor                               

·Easy to dissolve and strong dispersion ability               

·Carrying heart-beating emotions and conveying full love.

Greenfresh can provide you with exclusive instant jelly pudding powder to meet your diverse needs and provide customized solutions. Please allow us to enjoy the happiness of the moment with you in time~

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