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Big Center Filled Soft Candy, Various Styles You can Choose

Sep 05, 2023

Big Center Filled Soft Candy,

Various Styles You can Choose

    At present, big center-filled soft candy is a big trend for candy companies, which is deeply loved by men, women, and children. Its multiple textures, unique taste, novel style, bright colors, and high content of filled center and juice give people a new experience of soft candy. Therefore, in response to this market demand, Greenfresh provides customers with a big center-filled soft candy texture solution with a filled center content of up to 50%.

Aerated soft candy with an ample filling

    The white square coating skin is wrapped with a bright yellow inflatable big-filled center. The coating skin of the RC065/RS114 model is aerated. It is full of chewing feeling when tasting. No gelatin is added, and it will not be deformed when heated. The texture of the filled center is brittle. This type of soft candy has strong acid resistance and good flavor release, which can provide customers with a different novel experience.

Burst-filled soft candy

    RQ111 has chewy coating skin with burst liquid filling. The texture of RQ111 is multiple and brittle. Different mouthfeels have different layers, which leads to the fashion of soft candy and builds a wild variety of tastes.

Injected big filled soft candy, easy to peel

    The RS102+RQ035/RS114 with a translucent appearance is combined with the injected big-filled soft candy, to construct a beautiful look. They are suitable for iron film needle injection-filled center equipment with good operating performance. The filling center ratio can be as high as 50%. It has Q elastic coating skin, a brittle-filled center, and multiple tastes. Good peeling and playing effects can let you have an exciting feeling and experience!

Peelable filled center soft candy

    RS108 and RQ107 coating skin are added with shape-preserving and heat-resistance colloids, which are beneficial to storage and transportation. The filled center has strong acid resistance, and the texture is soft and elastic, similar to the taste of a grape. At the same time, it has a strong bionic feeling. The proportion of oversized filling can be as high as 50%, and the structure of this product is peelable.

Peelable mango soft candy with an ample filling

    RS108/RJ089 coating skin is added with shape-preserving and heat-resistance colloids, not easy to deform when heated. The filled center is easy to boil, accounting for 50%, and has strong acid resistance. The taste and texture of RS108/RJ089 is like mango flesh, brittle and bionic. The construction of peeling can bring a new soft candy world for you.

Burst-filled salted egg yolk soft candy

    The outer coating of RJ049/RJ054 is soft, creamy, and does not sticky to teeth. The filled center is the salted egg yolk flavor with bursting. The sweet and salty tastes collide warmly to form a different unique flavor; The taste of the outer coating of soft candy is highly compatible with the chocolate crispy skin, and it can be wrapped in chocolate to form multiple tastes.

    GreenFresh launched a variety of products with cost-effective filled centers. We can provide you with customized solutions according to the diverse needs of customers.

    GreenFresh has accumulated more than 20 years of technology, aside from providing high-quality products, Greenfresh Group also provides onsite technical support to our customers, from recipe to end products.

We are always ready for you and continually provide full support.

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