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Fragrant Journey with Jelly Scrumptious

Aug 21, 2023

Fragrant Journey with Jelly Scrumptious
    Enterprises in the food industry have launched innovative jelly products that aim to meet the consumers’ requirements for the delicate touch and rich texture intertwined in the mouth while tasting it. No matter bite gently or savor the flavor of each mouthful, people always expect perfect enjoyment. In response to the diverse market demands, Greenfresh unveils the following solutions for jelly products.

Regular Jelly: the culmination of all classics

As a classic in jelly, regular jelly carries the childhood memories of countless people. With the pursuit of a diversified taste and texture, regular jelly has constantly innovated and reformed. Applying GP201 to jelly products will improve their water retention, and create chewy and soft texture while being cost-effective with general transparency. Every bite can bring back memories that have been dormant for a long time, leading us back to that carefree time.

Regular Jelly

Konjac Jelly: health and delicacy

Konjac jelly has been highly sought after in recent years, which can not only satisfy our craving for sweets but also allow us to be healthy. Jelly with number GQ202 has a crisp texture, good water retention, easy to simmer and operate. Meanwhile, jelly with the number GQ170 has a chewy texture. It tastes tender and bouncy and has better water retention. Whether in the morning sunshine or at night, konjac jelly always brings us energy and satisfaction.

Konjac Jelly

Translucent Jellytransparent temptation

Highly translucent jelly is a new favorite that has rapidly become popular in recent years. It has a crystal clear appearance, as clear and transparent as crystal, which is giving people infinite temptation. Highly translucent jellies are suitable for GT159 models and are characterized by high transparency, hard and elastic taste, and general water retention. Highly translucent jellies suitable for GT188 models are characterized by a soft and chewy texture, high transparency, good water retention, and a refreshing taste, which makes people take a bite after a bite. Highly translucent jellies are an excellent choice for summer cooling, allowing you to enjoy coolness in the summer heat!

Translucent Jelly

Jelly with Melt-in-the-mouth Textureunique taste

Melt-in-your-mouth jelly is a special jelly that makes people feel the wonderful changes in food. Melting in the mouth of the moment, as if fused with the soul. Apply GT113-1 on the jelly products, which can release a strong flavor and reduce the risk of asphyxiation. Also, it has good acid resistance, which can meet the addition of various acidic juices. Jelly with GS124 application contains nutrient-rich fruit juice, fruit pulp 28%, which is without konjac powder and carrageenan. When the melt-in-your-mouth jelly is frozen, it will be like fruit syrup that has a soft taste, greatly reduce the risk of suffocation. Let you enjoy smooth.

Jelly with Melt-in-the-mouth Texture

Suction Aspiration Jelly: full of joy

Suction aspiration jelly is quite interesting jelly. It is easy to carry, decompress and solve greed. Jelly with GQ169 has 50% raw pulp, and the compound powder is cost-effective. Jelly with GX129 has a soft taste, good acid resistance, great stable protein, water retention, and oil retention, which can add protein or axunge. Jelly with GX190 is characterized by high-cost performance, hard taste, and granular feeling.

Suction Aspiration Jelly

Jelly Bar: ample options

The jelly bar is shaped like a rainbow. Whether you have a sweet tooth or a sour taste, you can find one that suits your taste. GX129 is used in a jelly bar characterized by a chewy texture and colorful style. It can add 10% collagen peptide. Jelly bars have a variety of shapes, you can choose different shapes and tastes according to your personal preferences.

Jelly Bar

Jelly in Diverse Looks: creative and Innovative concepts

Jelly in diverse looks is a creative jelly that has emerged in recent years, which combines jelly with other ingredients to create a unique taste and style. The jelly in diverse looks under RC065 can adopt a jelly production process instead of being highly invested in equipment. It can be promoted to food production factories, catering, and DIY homemade. Consumers can match and create according to their personal preferences, and integrate different flavors, which can make people taste different delicious food!

Jelly in Diverse Looks

Jelly with High-Temperature Sterilization (No Protein)

Jelly with high-temperature sterilization combines delicious and healthy. It uses special raw materials in the production process so that the jelly has a certain bactericidal effect. Applying YSC225 for high-temperature sterilization jelly can improve soft and smooth taste and excellent flavor, which is also available to match other ingredients.

Jelly with High-Temperature Sterilization (No Protein)

Whether you pursuing jelly with classic taste, health, or fashion, the above solutions for jelly surely have one that can meet your need.

Green Fresh has accumulated more than 20 years of technology, aside from providing high-quality products, Greenfresh Group also provides onsite technical support to our customers, from recipe to end products.

We are always ready for you and continually provide full support.

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