Événement d'exposition
Événement d'exposition

The 20th CIMIE Came To A Successful Conclusion

Apr 24, 2023

The 20th China International Meat Industry Exhibition came to a successful conclusion

The 20th CIMIE grandly opened at Qingdao cosmopolitan exposition on April 20th, 2023. Through good preparation, Greenfresh showed up as scheduled, introducing the meat product we developed individually to global merchants who came to consult. We exchanged information and shared views on the innovation and upgrading research of meat products with people of the same trade, and had further knowledge about product development and structural adjustment from advanced fellow enterprises. Under the new trend of consumption, Greenfresh Group strives to promote industry technology upgrading and enables high-quality development in the meat industry.

As an enterprise focusing on research and development of texture solutions for meat products, we exhibited multiple innovative products, which were recognized by domestic or overseas visitors in the exhibition.

mini sausage/starchy sausage/Salted Egg Yolk Tofu


our developed thickeners specialized in fish mince products have been awarded as the most popular product in China International Meat Industry Week

Holding enthusiasm, concentration, and sincerity with every client at the exhibition site, our professional team offered free samples and overall answers, which let more potential partners experience our vivacity, while we gained multifaceted needs and feedback.

GreenFresh will always forge ahead with our original intent, being committed to providing special texture solutions and deep into the meat industry, providing high-value services and support to our customers.


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