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Solutions For Meat Product Enhance Meat Texture is here!

Apr 12, 2024

Solutions For Meat Product Enhance Meat Texture is here!

    The product is mainly composed of high-quality extracted konjac flour and other natural colloids with synergistic effect. 

It is not only healthy and nutritional, but also improve product taste and convenient to use during production!

Solutions For Meat Product Enhance Meat Texture

Product Features

1. No syneresis while cooking.

2. Significantly improve the chewing texture of meat fiber, change the meat structure, and improve product quality;

3.  Good solubility under low temperature, fast dispersion in the liquid of containing our products and other materials, low viscosity, 

and easy to use;

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Green Fresh as a well-known agar agar and carrageenan manufacturer and supplier

We can provide customized texture solutions for you

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