Événement d'exposition
Événement d'exposition

Greenfresh and you meet IFT, Chicago 2023

Jul 20, 2023

Greenfresh and you meet IFT, Chicago 2023

Institute of Food Technologists First annual event & exposition was formally inaugurated in Chicago from July 16–19, 2023. The exposition brought together well-known enterprises and specialists in the food industry from across the world, concentrating on expressing cutting-edge innovations and development trends in the global food additives, food ingredients, and food technology industries.

Attending the exposition with worldwide food industry professionals leaders, lively and bustling, exhibitors and attendees gathered to share the visual and tasty feast. Greenfresh fully showcased the latest products, innovations, and solutions at booth S1926.

We pushed the full-filling gel candy series and plant-based gel candy series products at the exposition since the need for safe, green, healthy, and natural ingredients in the food sector is on the rise. Greenfresh is dedicated to providing more wholesome, secure, and delectable options through technological advancement and market research.

Greenfresh devotes to offering clients qualified product solutions. We will constantly approach every client with enthusiasm and full spirit, pay close attention to your demands, properly explain the product applications, and do market research for all of our clients.

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